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Monica Ramunda

Monica Ramunda is a highly experienced mental health professional with over 30 years of experience in the field. For the past 23 years, she has successfully run her own private practices, Rocky Mountain Counseling Services and Lighthouse Counseling Services.

Heather A. Lee

Heather A. Lee, LCSW is a licensed Psychotherapist, educator, speaker, and consultant with over 25 years of experience in Mind/Body Medicine and Integrative Mental Health. She is a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist and has received training in Mind/Body Medicine from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute.

Review from Our Retreat!

“I had the most amazing time at the retreat! You and Heather really made it a five star experience. Top notch for sure! My journey is continuing to grow and I am having so many enlightening moments! It's like connecting the dots or trees in my case! So cool!


Our Story

At Wellness and Wisdom Journeys, we are more than just guides; we are architects of transformative experiences. Our journey began in the picturesque town of Superior, CO, where Heather and Monica, two passionate souls, found common ground in their love for travel, personal growth, and creating beautiful moments for others.

Heather and Monica, both proud mothers of two grown adult girls, bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to every journey we curate. With over 30 years of combined mental health expertise, we have honed our skills as trusted guides in supporting individuals' holistic well-being.

Our unique convergence of interests led us to explore the world of psychedelics and their potential for profound transformation. As pioneers in the field, we are proud to be among the first certified psychedelic-trained therapists in the United States. This expertise allows us to offer a safe and informed space for those seeking consciousness expansion through carefully curated excursions in stunning locations.

Heather's global travels have seen her designing and leading curated retreats and wellness experiences. Her keen eye for detail and unwavering passion for crafting exceptional journeys shine through in every aspect of our offerings. On the other hand, Monica has earned her stripes as a tour guide in South America, specifically in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Her intimate knowledge of these regions enriches our journeys, allowing us to create experiences that are culturally immersive and spiritually enriching.

Our collective journey has given us profound insights into the power of psychedelics for personal growth and transformation. With expertise in leading groups, catering to women's needs and concerns, and navigating the intricacies of psychedelic experiences, we have discovered the magic of helping individuals tap into their true potential.

Together, we synergistically blend our skills, knowledge, and passions to curate exquisite wellness and wisdom weekends. Our focus is on creating an environment that nurtures not only the mind and body but also the spirit. Whether you are a solo traveler or a couple seeking deeper connection, our journeys offer a space for exploration, healing, and growth.

At Wellness and Wisdom Journeys, we pour our hearts into every experience we create. We are driven by our love for what we do and our dedication to facilitating life-altering experiences for our fellow travelers. Join us on a path of self-discovery, connection, and transformation - where wanderlust meets inner wisdom.

Embark on your journey of wellness and wisdom with us today.

Our Philosophy

At Wellness and Wisdom Journeys, "Our Philosophy" is rooted in the belief that true transformation occurs within the embrace of personalized and soulful experiences. We are dedicated to curating journeys that transcend traditional travel, offering you more than just a vacation; we offer a path to self-discovery and growth. Our approach focuses on creating intimate settings, where small groups come together to engage in conscious conversations, forging connections that extend beyond the journey itself. We understand that profound insights often emerge in the midst of serene and inspiring surroundings. That's why we meticulously select beautiful locations that harmonize with the introspective nature of our journeys. These destinations become a canvas for exploration, both of the outer world and the inner self. At Wellness and Wisdom Journeys, we are committed to guiding you through experiences that not only rejuvenate your spirit but also cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

I had the most incredible experience attending the Full Moon Magic Retreat led by Monica and Heather. From start to finish, everything about this retreat exceeded my expectations and left me feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Monica and Heather's dedication to creating a safe space for plant medicine, and fostering a sense of community was a standout attribute of the retreat. Friendships were formed and a sense of belonging was nurtured throughout the experience. The connections made during this retreat are something I will cherish long after it's over. Monica and Heather's expertise in wellness and psychedelics is unmatched, and their genuine passion truly shined throughout the retreat. Their thoughtful planning and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the experience was carefully curated and it really set the tone for an unforgettable journey. The retreat's location was surrounded by breathtaking nature and serene landscapes, it provided the perfect setting for introspection and self-discovery. Monica and Heather incorporated various wellness activities that prepared and helped integrate us pre and post-journey. The itinerary was thoughtfully balanced, offering activities and personal time. Monica and Heather's guidance during group discussion activity were insightful and encouraging, fostering an atmosphere of open sharing and support among the group. The meals provided were delicious and focused on nourishing our bodies. The retreat emphasized holistic well-being, and the culinary offerings were perfect. The final private chef dinner was truly outstanding and a meal I will surely not forget! In summary, the wellness retreat was an absolute gem! I was so sad when the weekend ended and I cannot wait to attend another retreat with Monica and Heather. The weekend truly provided a perfect blend of personal growth through plant medicine, relaxation, and camaraderie. If you're looking for a transformative experience guided by genuinely caring experts in the space, this retreat is an absolute must! :)

Erica Coburn
Women's Full Moon Magic, Psychedelic Wellness Retreat
Aug 09, 2023

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