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We realize that no two people are the same and as such tailor our therapy to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other issue, we will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust certain behaviors and thoughts to see things a different, healthier way.

Our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families and we offer comprehensive services dealing with:

Divorce Recovery Therapy

Just as marriage is one of life’s most significant experiences, so is divorce. While recovering from divorce can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Divorce recovery therapy can help you cope with the emotional and mental toll that often comes with the end of a marriage. Working one-on-one with a therapist, you can learn to accept and address feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt or depression. Your therapist can help you find positive outlets to deal with your emotions. Therapy can help you process these emotions in a healthy way so that you can move past this moment of pain and sorrow and work to move forward in your life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy differs from individual therapy by holding therapeutic sessions in a group setting run by a therapist instead of in a private one-on-one setting with a therapist. In these group sessions, patients share their thoughts and experiences with the whole group, allowing them to support one another while being supported by a group of people who understand what you’re going through. If you’ve been feeling hopeless or alone lately, or struggling with a problem in your life that feels unsurmountable, group therapy could help you improve your everyday life. Group therapy helps you find a sense of community with others who are going through similar things as you while giving you access to valuable therapy that can truly help you feel better.

Life Transitions

Has your life been touched by a major event such as a death, divorce or layoffs at work? Are you having a hard time moving through and past the emotional turmoil? Do you feel completely stuck and like you need guidance getting back on track? There’s no denying that life often presents us with our fair share of challenges, usually in the form of sudden change. These life transitions, even the positive ones, can throw us into a tailspin and leave us feeling stressed, confused and vulnerable. But with the right tools and mindset, you have the power to not only overcome any adversity but also transform into a more authentic and confident version of yourself.

Mindfulness Health & Wellness Coaching

Are you struggling to navigate the unique challenges life has presented to you? Do you wish you could be more present and mindful of the world around you? Have you been feeling less inspired or joyful in life lately? If so, mindfulness coaching can help. As a Mindfulness Health and Wellness Coach, I work one-on-one with individuals to help them improve their overall well-being. Life can be challenging and stressful; happiness is too easily fleeting… Working with a mindfulness-based health and wellness coach can help you summon your inner strength and feel greater happiness and joy in your day-to-day life.

Therapy For Depression

Are you feeling hopeless, isolated, and not your usual self? Do these thoughts often enter your mind?: "I am worthless and can’t do anything about it." "I feel guilty for just wanting to eat, sleep and be alone." "I hate who I am these days." "I can’t stop crying, which makes me want to stay away from others." "I feel gut-wrenching pain, but no one understands." "My life and the world around me are dark." "I hate it, but I can’t change it." If you have had any variation of these thoughts and don’t feel like your usual self, chances are you may be suffering from depression.

Review from the Retreat

“Heather and Monica do such a lovely job guiding women through such a life changing journey! There are so many scary aspects of doing this for the first time, but they prepared us perfectly and planned such an amazing immersive weekend around the experience. Highly recommend.”


Women's Issues

Have you lost much of the joy you once felt? Are you struggling in an abusive or toxic relationship? Do you have years of living with low self-worth resulting in a less-than-desirable life? Throughout the ages, women have been called “the fairer sex.” And yet, were you to ask women about their life experiences, many would admit their life events haven’t always seemed so fair. Women may experience certain environmental, psychological, and biological challenges related to gender that have a significant impact on their mental health and well-being. If not addressed properly, these challenges can turn into burdens that often lead to anxiety, depression, and a lost sense of self.

If you're seeking personalized and tailored experiences with psychedelics, our individual and private guides, Monica and Heather, are here to support you. Whether you desire a private 1:1 journey or a private weekend retreat, we are dedicated to customizing and tailoring the experience to meet your specific needs and intentions. With our expertise, compassionate guidance, and commitment to your well-being, we create a safe and supportive environment for transformative experiences with psychedelics. Contact us today to begin your personal journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Our retreats are facilitated by certified professionals who have undergone rigorous training in psychedelic-assisted therapy and hold highly respected credentials.

Additionally, we work closely with local communities and indigenous traditions in international destinations to ensure respect, cultural sensitivity, and sustainability. We prioritize responsible and conscientious engagement with psychedelic substances, nature, and the communities we visit.

Join us for a transformative and empowering journey where you can explore the depths of your being, connect with nature, and experience profound healing in a supportive community of women. Together, let's embark on a soulful adventure that will nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Please note that the availability of specific retreats, destinations, and therapists may vary. Visit our website for the most up-to-date information, including upcoming retreat dates, pricing, and booking details. We look forward to guiding you on this transformative path of self-discovery and growth.

Reviews from the Retreat

“I had the most amazing time at the retreat! You and Heather really made it a five star experience. Top notch for sure! My journey is continuing to grow and I am having so many enlightening moments! It's like connecting the dots or trees in my case! So cool!


“Thank you so much for providing such a welcoming and life changing space. You all did it with so much professionalism and grace. It was and will continue to be a positive life changing journey. I look forward to collaborating and sharing even more journeys!”


Thank you again for everything! I will be spreading the word of how amazing your retreat was!”


“Monica and Heather bring a wealth of kindness, compassion, and knowledge to help boost personal growth, spiritual connection, and self-love. The take home is I leave with more tools and bits of wisdom, as well as an awareness of my own unique gifts. I feel seen, heard, and loved. Thank you ladies.” 

D. B.

“13 of out 10 stars”


“This retreat was just the jolt I needed to remember myself and get back on track to living my best life. The power of women’s group therapy and the integration methods Heather and Monica implemented, have had a profound impact on me.”


“I have wanted to do a therapeutic psilocybin, when I met Heather and she shared about the retreat, I knew this was the perfect setting for me. I felt safe and well cared for the entire time. I appreciated having the extra time to process things after my journey with two extremely knowledgeable women. I can’t say enough good things about this retreat. I would absolutely recommend.”


“I have been to retreats that have been amazing on many levels. This retreat falls into that category. The ketamine component is my first. Experiencing a place and space and support, such as this, allowed a life changing experience. I highly recommend trusting Monica and Heather to help you manifest your next level of life!”


“I highly recommend this retreat with Monica and Heather. Guaranteed to be a life changing experience and a strong connection with an amazing group of women! The journey does not stop with the retreat. The support and connections and friendships continue for a lifetime.”


“I would recommend this retreat 100%. Monica and Heather are such masterful and seasoned guides that I felt held, supported and prepared. This retreat was the perfect place for me to heal, transform, and be inspired for the next phase of who I am being in my life.”


“Heather and Monica do such a lovely job guiding women through such a life changing journey! There are so many scary aspects of doing this for the first time, but they prepared us perfectly and planned such an amazing immersive weekend around the experience. Highly recommend.”


Thank you both so much for a lovely weekend in Grand Lake.  It was inspiring and eye opening for me.   I appreciate all that you do!  You are both amazing😘🤗


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